28 Jan

28 January 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

I shall not remember what happened on this day. It is a blank. At the end of my life I may want it, may long to have it. There was a new moon - that I remember, but who came or what I did, all is lost. It's just a day missed, a day crossing the line. [KM Notebooks]

Dear Mrs Jones
Would you kindly send me a copy of the paper that had my review of Agate in it - Mr Murry will know the one I mean. I have never received it. It is you who send me the papers - isn't it? If you knew how I look forward to them!
I hope your little boy is well again. I was so sorry to hear he had been ill. It ought to be spring weather all the year round for little people under ten - and never any winter. [To Alice Jones in Collected Letters]