28 February 1921

28 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dear Brett

You sound so rich in plans, determinations, adventures and 'Revelations' that I feel my ambling nag can scarce keep pace with such a swift charger. And then - what do you mean exactly by revelations? I don't know - I feel mystified . . .

Im sure its an awfully good plan to go into the country for the summer, and what luck to have Sylvia Sullivan to paint. She would be a lovely little creature under a tree, I should think. I feel I have been awfully wanting in kindness to Sylvia Sullivan: Im sure she's simple and very lovable really. But you'll find out in the summer.

Don't blame your parents too much! We all had parents. There is only one way of escaping from their influence and that is by going into the matter with yourself - examining yourself & making perfectly sure of their share.

It can be done. One is NEVER free until one has done blaming somebody for what is bad & good in one. Don't you feel that? By that I don't mean we ought to live each of us on an island. On the contrary - Life is relationship - its giving & taking - but thats not quite the same as making others responsible, is it? There lies the danger.

[To Dorothy Brett, in Collected Letters, 1 March 1921.]