28 August

28 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

My dear Brett

Thank you for letting me see the book. Ive read it. But it wouldn't be fair for me to say to you just what I think about it. After all the blood bond between sisters is very very strong; Id hurt you. The little children Laurette and Elissa say some nice things - don't they?
I didnt really hope to get that letter back. One never does, neither on the stage, nor in novels nor in real Life. This is a rule. One might as well try to lure the moving finger back to cancel half a line. However, I did ask for it: I have repudiated it. That puts me right with posterity . . .
But don't think I am unhappy or desperate or lonely. I am not. I am simply a woman with a craving to work - who longs to get away to her own tiny house and indulge the craving. My one regret is - health. And that doesn't remind me - but gives me the chance to say to you how much, how deeply I feel for you in your deafness. Perhaps you think people "accept" it, forget it. I never do and I never could. I think you are wonderfully courageous to accept it as you do and I am constantly realising what it must mean to you. I hope you have a happy time.
Katherine [Letter to Dorothy Brett in Collected Letters]