28 August 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Anne darling,
   I am going to ask you to put off our T Party until you return from Dieppe. All is too unsettled, too ugly here. By the time you are back I shall be in my own rooms with my own cups and saucers and able to receive David as he ought to be received - the lamb! If he came here on Wednesday my head would be knocked off at once and pricking with a needle would be too good for me. Its not a bit nice or private. But at the end of this week I am moving into my own rooms and lll be settled soon after. I shall just simply love to see David and his Mummy then.
   I can't tell you what a joy it was to see you yesterday, dear and très très belle amie. How I loved looking at you again! And hearing you. And seeing your home - everything. I so look forward to our meeting after this autumn. I do hope we may. Jack Murry sends his love. Hes just had a new suit made & is standing in front of me.
J.M.: "Are the trousers full enough?
K.M.: Quite full enough!
J.M.: You're sure?
K.M.: Certain!
J.M.: They're not too full?
K.M.: Not in the least!
J.M.: You're sure?
K.M.: Certain!"
   I must run and get a Bible and swear on it. "Those trousers are PERFECT!!" Men are funny - aren't they? But very nice, too. All my love darling. I hope your holiday is a great success.
                  Ever your devouée.
                          Katherine [To Anne Drey, 28 August 1922.]