28 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

I am very interested that Koteliansky thinks the German Russian treaty good. Manoukhin and all the Russians here say it means war in the near future - for certain, for certain! It is the beginning of Bolshevism all over Europe. The Bolsheviks at Genoa are complete cynics. They say anything. They are absolutely laughing in their beards at the whole affair, and treating us as fools even greater than the French. The French at least have a sniff of what may happen but we go on saying "let us all be good", and the Russians & Germans burst with malicious glee. I was staggered when I heard this. Manoukhin's partner here, a very exceptional French-man, started the subject yesterday, said why did not we English immediately join the French and take all vestige of power from Germany. This so disgusted me I turned to Manoukhin & felt sure he would agree that it simply could not be done. But he agreed absolutely. So they declare, the Russians here, we are in for another war and for Bolshevism partout. Its a nice prospect - isn't it! [To Dorothy Brett, 29 April 1922.]