27 May 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Arnold Gibbons,
   In Arthur-or-Richard's last letter he told me you had had the idea of letting me see some of your work sometime. Is that right? I'd feel most awfully happy and honoured if you would show me some of your stories. Its harder to know which is the greater pleasure - writing stories or reading other people's. And can I talk them over when I've read them? The address at the top will find me until August. I won't ask you to send them to Paris, one can attend much better in Switzerland.
   I hope you and the person I like to think of as my young brother are enjoying this weather.
   Until I hear from you I'll look forward to those stories.
                  Yours very sincerely
                    Katherine Mansfield.
[To Arnold Gibbons, 27 May 1922.]