27 March 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Michael Sadleir,
   Many thanks for your letter. About In a German Pension. Even if it did sell moderately well it would antagonise people - and rightly - to such a degree that my next book would stand a very poor chance. Its awfully bad. There's a kind of odious smartness about it which would make any decent critic or reader writhe. No amount of revision would make it presentable. Id much rather sit tight on its grave.
   Yes, the curly blue hyacinth blue of Jack's cover made me groan for envy. It is most beautiful. Its very kind of you to say I may have my red jacket changed if the G.P. should reach a third impression.
   What a curse this strike must be!
             Katherine Mansfield. [To Michael Sadleir, 25 March 1922.]