27 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

I hope you have enjoyed your time in London and that you have not found it too tiring. I suppose dear little Rally is just the same. And have you listened to Lou's rattle. She seems to run up conversation as if with a sewing machine. I have never met any one so incessant. I get quite dazed after a time, and don't even try to pipe above the sound. But her courage and good humour are amazing.
   Jack is still in his lofty perch among the mountains. At the week-ends, whenever the weather is wet, we play billiards. There is a splendid table here and we are both very keen. Its a fascinating game. I remember learning to hold a cue at Sir Joseph Ward's, and I can see now Rubi Seddon's super-refinement as if she expected each ball to be stamped with a coronet before she would deign to hit it. Jack is extremely keen on all games. I often think of what an enthusiast he would become on board ship.
   Dear little "Elizabeth" has been spending the afternoon with me. She is on the eve of a very large house party at her chalet   [To Harold Beauchamp, 28 July 1922.]