27 Jan

27 January 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

The woman who does the massage is not really any good. My life is queer here. I like my big airy room but to work is so hard. At the back of my mind I am so wretched. But all the while I am thinking over my philosophy - the defeat of the personal. Received advice from Kay that my account is HH.F.E. [KM Notebooks]

Oh - that reminds me - the Lit. Sup.has come. What a very nice advertisement. But look here have you time to send a book of mine to Grant Richards. DO darling! Can you find time? Look here - you old boy I must have it sent. A book of short stories. Ill send a list of ‘em & if you approve do for Gods sake let him have it at once. I don't know what terms he will make but let me see a copy of your letter to him. I'd sell outright for £20 of course but I want money now. Later on I can make it. But can you do this?
I've just written four pages and torn them up. A wave of bitterness came over me. I must never let it be known.
C. and J. are coming today with their precious dog. I regret to say I burn to let them know you are an Old Boiled Egg, and have already told Pa same - and intend writing Chaddie and sending V. a card. What a woman - aren't I? I must stop writing. For some horrible reason a Casetta mood is on me. It will pass in two T's. Tell me if you see that story, will you?
Always your own

For Grant Richards.
Je ne Parle pas Francais
A Man of No Temperament
Sun and Moon
Mr. Reginald Peacock's Day
The Black Cap
I can't remember the others. There were 10 at any rate, and now my new story will be 11. I'd like them called Short Stories. Will you discuss this with me?  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters, 26 January 1920]