27 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

My dear Vera,
   I had heard via Elizabeth, via Mack that you were in England and how long you were going to stay. I am so sorry to know you have had Flu. What bad luck on arrival! But I expect you will be beautifully nursed and cared for.
   I am afraid we shan't be in England for many a long day. I am going to Paris on Monday next. But I expect Paris seems just as far as Switzerland to you.
   Yes, its a great joy to us to have Elizabeth back in her chalet. She is a wonderful little being and I love her dearly.
   Dont let your Andrew turn into a writer, though, my dear. Take warning by Elizabeth and me! Nip him in the tenderest bud rather than have that happen. All Beauchamp blood ought to be poured into business. Make him a millionaire instead.
   My flight to Paris is on business, but its so delightful to look forward to. Paris is much nicer than London.
   I hope you have the happiest visit and une belle santé from now onwards.3
   With much love from
                        Yours affectionately
                              K. [To Vera Mackintosh Bell, 26 January 1922.] 

Dearest Anne
   For the Hotel and the dentists I am deeply grateful. The hotel sounds "just the thing" as they say. What an extraorindary quantity of water seems to gurgle through it. I shall develop fins and a tail if I am there long. Will you please tell Drey how deeply I am his debtor! I hope to have some very fine specimens of the Cruel Art by the spring. I am taking the puffi train from here on Monday, please tell David. He is le Roi des Puffi Trains, j'imagine. Bless you
                  Katherine [To Anne Drey, 26 January 1922.]