27 February 1921

27 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dearest Violet

I was on the point of writing to you this morning when I received your dear letter. How can I say how sorry I am that you should be ill again. Of course I have known you were not at all yourself ever since you came here; your courage couldn't disguise it. But my heart goes out to you; it is dreadful to be losing precious moments. I love you and Sydney deeply, warmly, and I always wish you happiness and freedom from all those things that interfere with your beautiful understanding of Life.

It is very good news that you have discovered Doctor Bouchage. He is extremely intelligent and sympathetic - I mean in the 'professional' sense. Hes quite the most satisfactory doctor I have ever met, except my London one. How I should love a long talk with you. Plague take the ugly road that divides us! Now I am coming through your gate & I see, in the garden, my two dear friends whose appearance apart from all else is always a delight. There is a very long book about you and Sydney - never to be written by me, but its one of those books a writer always has on hand for himself alone.

Dont worry about my old cook, Violet dear. I shall keep this serpent until Murry goes to England in May. I suppose Ive as much peace with her as I should have with anybody. Thanks most awfully for suggesting the other, but to tell the truth, Im frightened of any change for the moment.

Here's Murry come for the Post. "Cant wait. You ought to be ready." What does that mean?

Goodbye for now. Its very queer to have a grown up soon. But there's no doubt Ive got one.

Love and Blessings


[To Violet Schiff, in Collected Letters, ? late February 1921.]