27 Feb

27 February 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

[. . .] I KNOW you hate London but darling Heart you MUST be in London anyway for a time and you certainly could get every weekend off & when the house is found perhaps you could spend every weekend there. P.V. when Ive seen to it wont be in the least what it is now. And Bogey, you must realise that I want to give you your heart's desire this moment but I must consider well what is easiest and best for us. Life in the country without your wife would not do. It would make immense demands on your energy. It cant be done with[out] L.M. and me there all the time - and I really think I dare not face this rheumatism for two years. You see what it amounts to is: I come back thoroughly set you up - get all really exquisite - you find a country place or a pied à terre & go slow just for the present. Light a cigarette. Think it well, well over. I wish you were here so that I could talk it out with you. I do so feel its the right thing to do. Let Sydney know & ask him. Tell him how snug I mean to make P.V. & well kept in every way. And if you do agree please read this letter to Violet & give it to her immediately & darling please please wire me either agree or dont agree. I shall wait for that wire. Ill go into all the details once I'm home - & I promise you great comfort - no domestic worries and L.M. shall establish your country comfort.
Thats all.
Your devoted
Wife Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters, 26 February 1920]