26 Mar

26 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Being out, & full of love, desperately in love in fact I went & bought a tray - about the length of this page, about 3/4 the breadth, a divine shade of blue with little ivory birds in ivory boughs singing all over it - A tray for letters to be handed in & cards - to be kept on the hall table - Perfeck. This made me feel slightly better. I ordered a large one for tea & then bought another, small & square, just for handing a cup or a glass of milk - very lovely - silver grey with a centre design - 7.50!! I then went & bought Connie a bouquet for her birthday tomorrow, stocks & bluets. They tied it with gold string which was very kind of them for it only came to 2.75. Then I bought a large packet of lined envelopes for 1 franc (about 5d) hailed a very spanking little voiture & came home by the sea. Came in. Had tea, cherry jam & cream cake - threw my hat up several times & caught it - remembered we start for home tomorrow a month - looked at your photo said Boge to it & . . . . well, here I am. Can't get calm. Have fallen in love with a dark haired young man with beautiful hazel eyes.
I had a letter from Brett today & answered same. She was terribly sad & kept asking me to put her into the dustbin. (Like a Dickens character). Poor dear. I do hope I have cheered her up a little bit. Its the tag end or fag end of that ghastly winter, I expect.
Oh child we'll have such a July - a holiday complet as you say. What about phonetically speaking "Bewley" in the New Forest. There's an inn there & water. One can sail in a walnut shell with a match end for a mast and an ivy leaf for a sail.  [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]