26 July

26 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

I have just read your letter. I want to reply. But it must be at leisure. Jones shall take a reply tomorrow and some work if she can find some. I have read and read your story. It is great happiness that you should be writing - today. I should like to greet you - a special greeting as a fel-low writer. Its raining. No, Ill write tomorrow. I hope you will see M. on Wednesday. If you choose the flowers tomorrow they will be won¬derful. I hope they will make you happy. Your rose is perfect - so strange - so white - without perfume - without thorns. I see it.
Goodnight [To Sydney Schiff [Sydney Schiff, British novelist (1868-1944).] in Collected Letters]
 [To Sydney Schiff in Collected Letters]