26 February 1921

26 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dear Mrs Jones,

Here have all these weeks gone by & I have never thanked you for so kindly sending me those papers. Thank you now. It was v. good of you to have gone to the trouble for me.

Although it was inevitable it is sad to think there is no more Athenaeum. I wish things had fallen out differently. And I never saw your little boy after all. Miss Baker is bringing him a tiny present with best wishes from us both.

    Yours sincerely

                                Katherine Mansfield Murry.

[To Alice Jones, in Collected Letters, 23 February 1921.]

Dear Eddie Marsh,

I feel I must write and thank you for the delight of meeting Mrs Belloc Lowndes this afternoon. I can hardly believe that I met her for the first time today for she is one of those rare lovable women whom one's heart goes out to.

Visits from the 'outside world' are small events here. the memory of them, long after they are past goes on reverberating . . . It's late now & there is nobody here but the fire, but the little salon is still sounding faintly with those warm, sincere, generous tones. I loved seeing her.

It was so nice hearing of you from Jack.

With kindest remembrances,

                                         Yours ever,

                                       Katherine Mansfield.

[To Eddie Marsh, in Collected Letters, 26 February 1921.]