26 Feb

26 February 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Darling Precious little Husband
I want you to read this slowly and to remember that I am loving you with my whole heart and putting you first in my thoughts always. I know how terribly anxious you are to leave P.V. but what are you going to do if I go abroad for the winter. Rendall said today: it would be madness for me to spend the next 2 winters in England because whatever the luxury I live in the air is almost perpetually damp and there IS very little sun. It is not as though I were a simple consumptive who can walk, lie about and so on: I am handicapped very severely by my rheumatism which cannot be cured until my lungs are cured. It is that which prevents me from leading the normal life in a cold climate which another consumptive can do. He says that for the next two years I ought to be here from November till May. I must take this opinion into account; it is shared by these 2 women and I dare not face a prolongation of my illness. Now if I do come abroad L.M. must be with me. She would not let me come alone & she says she dare not. I think she is right. You remember I once was cruel enough to suggest that we put off establishing our house: I still suggest it. Yes, I still think it would be 1000 times better to wait for 2 years. Please don't get angry. Please read on. You could surely get a weekend place for yourself every weekend. I would spend May till October in P.V. I suggest offering Violet & Roger the basement floor & her bedroom - with a door at the top of the kitchen stairs for them so that they live there.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]