26 February 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

   Yes, I love Koteliansky - no less.
   (Look here - darling - what can I give you? Tell me. What is the great difficulty? Show it to me. Or - can't you. . .Don't you trust me? You are safe. You are wrong if you do not trust me. And why wait until we meet? Even this moment will not return. I have given up the idea of Time. There is no such person. There is the Past. That's true. But the Present and the Future are all one -)
   Once I have settled down for a few months you must know De la Mare. He is a very wonderful man - beautiful. Now I have arrived at the word "primroses" & I see them. Delicate pinkish stems, and the earthy feeling as one picks them so close to the damp soil. I love their leaves too, and I like to kiss buds of primroses. One could kiss them away. They feel so marvellous. But what about bluebells. Oh dear! Bluebells are just as good. White ones, faint blue ones that grow in shady hollows, very dark blue ones, pale ones. I had one whole spring full of bluebells one year with Lawrence. I shall never forget it. And it was warm, not very sunny, the shadows raced over the silky grass & the cuckoos sang.
   Later. I then got up had a big blue bath & rather a horrid lunch. Then played chess - rested for a couple of hours, had tea & foie gras sandwiches and a long discussion with M. on "literature". Now the light is lighted, outside theres a marvellous deep lilac sky and I shall work again until dinner. Its strange how nice it is here. One could scarcely be more free.   [To Dorothy Brett, 26 February 1922.]