26 August 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

No, dear Mr Gerhardi,
   I don't always feel I have offended you - I only felt it once when the pause was so long. But now its hard to write to you when I know you are laughing at my poor little ‘y's and ‘g's and ‘d's. They feel so awkward; they refuse to skip any more. The little ‘g' especially is shy, with his tail in his mouth like an embarrassed whiting.
  I am very very sorry you are ill. I hope you will soon be better. I shall send you a little packet of tea on Monday. Please have a special little pot made and drink it with un peu de citron - if you like citron. It tastes so good when one is in bed - this tea, I mean. It always makes me feel even a little bit drunk - well, perhaps drunk is not quite the word. But the idea, even, of the short story after a cup or two seems almost too good to be true, and I pledge it in a third cup as one pledges ones love - - [To William Gerhardi, 26 August 1922.]