25 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

I am racing on with my next book, which I have promised the publishers to deliver at the end of October. I think I shall call it "The Dove's Nest". I'm rather tempted to call it "The New Baby". That seems to be a selling title. But perhaps it is not quite serious enough.
Well, darling, I must go off to Cavendish Square to have a dose of X rays. The man here seems to know his job, but he had not the Paris specialists' experience. I wish I could have gone through with the original inventor. Even now, if things do not go well, I am tempted to borrow £100 and go off to Paris with Ida. It seems so like spoiling the ship for a ½d of tar (a rather expensive ½d though).
I have sent my little baby book back to Princess Louise this week. I believe the books are bound exquisitely in leather with gilt edges. I should like to see it complete.
Dearest, I do look forward to hearing from you. You will send me a copy of the newspaper with your interview in it? I shall be deeply interested. It was "simply lovely" to see you again. I really do mean to try and come to New Zealand in the near future. The trip would be such pleasure, and how I should like to walk into the office and ask for Mr. Beauchamp!  [To Harold Beauchamp, 27 September 1922.]