25 October

25 October 1920

Villa Isola Bella Menton, France

As far as I can see from a months full accounts we can live here EASILY as I live now on £300 each. That is saving £100 a year, as we must do - I mean saving £50 each. But that's real luxurious living, mind you. I mean such living as weve never had before. The best of everything. It could be done cheaper. Of course I have L.M. to pay for now but she won't be here when you come.
My silly little Trot
You are a nuisance to me. I cant mention money without you putting your hand in your sailor pocket, bringing out your handkerchief with a knot in it - and oh! wringing my heart by untying the knot & showing me the penny. I dont even want to borrow it from you. Take back your old cheque. I am very hard up but not to that extent. But the sooner you leave there the better. If it isn't rates its taxes. And now you can't chew - on your left or right side. This put me in a panic & I sent a wire. Chew you must at whatever cost or you'll ruin your health and strength. And NO dentist if you're in pain should keep you waiting. You cant bear six days toothache. Its terribly bad for you. I would tie a handkerchief in two rabbits ears on top of your head & march you off there in two winks.
Darling Precious Noble little Bogue I cant scold you without kissing you. You are wicked & awfully sweet. But I DO WISH Avrilo would hurry.
[. . .]
No, its April I must live for. But Xmas is near even. The station at Garavan will be open by then. This villa is only a minute away. You'll arrive 5.15 p.m. [Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]