25 November

25 November 1920

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dear Bogey,
NO You know that blue-green curtain that used to be on the sofa in the studio - an indian thing - a djellim I think. You know the one I mean? Its on the top shelf of the linen cupboard. Could you SEND it here to me if its worth it? I have a dark red velvet sofa which is too dreadfully gory. I cannot afford to buy a cover for it here and I don't want a loose cover made for thats just waste.
If you think it would be better to send a new one (to "go with" old gold curtains) would you call at Libertys, buy one give them this address & Ill send you X a cheque by return.
YES Yes, thats all the best. I don't want that dirty old one again, & they can post it and pack it & send it for tea. But the colours must be not extreme you know, not the old djinnies, not violent - just what you would put with OLD GOLD. And if this is too much trouble - well - just dont do it for

Heres a card for them - and Ill enclose the cheque for you to make out. DO be careful of the cheque, Boge, wont you. No, Im frightened to enclose a blank cheque. Ill send it filled as soon as I hear. [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]

Here is an inside and an outside photograph of me in and out of my Isola Bella. Would you like some more? I have more here if you'd like them. And shall I tell you the conversation which just went on between Marie & the carpet woman? Oh, no, its not interesting really without the voices. Even old Marie attend Monsieur now. J'ai l'idee Madame d'acheter une belle tranche de veau - alors de faire une poche dedans et de la farcir avec un peu de jambon, un oeuf, and so on & on and on - the song becoming more & more triumphant & ending mais peut-etre it faudrait mieux que nous attendions l'arrivée de Monsieur pour ça. En effet un bon plat de nouilles est toujours un bon plat & then she puts her head on one side & says Monsieur aime le veau?

Pleased to tell you mice have made a nest in my old letters to Ida. Would that I could always be certain of such behaviour. The mice in this house are upstarts. [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters, 23 November 1920]