25 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Dearest Father,
   The days seem to whisk away here so fast that I don't think the farmer's wife would be in time to chop off their tails. I spend a large part of them tapping out my new long story or short novel on my little Corona. But I have been thinking of you so much, dearest, and hoping that your climatic and physical conditions are both more settled. I heard from Chad that you had been to see my good Doctor. I hoped he satisfied you and that you did not think I had over-praised him. It would be very nice to know from you what you thought of him.
   Since I last wrote we have had every variety of weather from Winter to Spring. Today, for instance, began with a cold downpour, gradually changed until it was a damp tropical morning, and now its a sharp Autumn evening. Its very difficult to adjust one's attire to these lightning changes. The only safe recipe is to start with flannel next to the skin, and build up or cast off from that. What a frightful bother! But judging from the reports in the Times, England has turned over a summer leaf again. Long may it remain fair. [To Harold Beauchamp, 28 July 1922.]