25 February 1921

25 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Did you notice at lunch he upset his wine? said an animated young thing who seemed to belong to nobody & to thirst to be adopted - by somebody, anybody.

No! Did he. How too tiresome! wailed the hostess. My lovely cloth!

Yes & he said, cried the young thing, revelling in her success, I dreamed last night I was going to do this - - -

If poetry is an overwhelming emotion - -

        At that moment there came a sharp pit-pat on the crown of his hat. Good Lord, he said. A drop of rain. How extraordinary. But when he took off his hat to see, he laughed bitterly. That's done it, he said - that's finished it completely. And a tiny bird that had been perched on the tree just above their heads flew away & its wings sounded like breathless laughing. But the weather was still enchanting!

[KM Notebooks, undated.]