25 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

My dear Elizabeth,
   It was a small miracle to receive your letter this morning when I had only cast mine on the waters yesterday. Oh dear, what an enchanting way you have of filling your letters so full that there are little side flower-beds as well and tufts of sweet-smelling delicious things tucked into the very corners! I revel (decently and modestly, I hope) in every word.
   But it's horrible to think of you facing castor oil. And the worst of it is C.O. is such a jealous God. Every dose puts one into grimmer bondage. Thou shalt have none other gods but me.
   May I as an old campaigner suggest that a large wine-glassful of Saint [ ] Water sipped slowly an hour before breakfast and followed by an apple or an orange is very ‘helpful'. Another glass of Saint [ ] sipped slowly during the day completes the cure, I find. Old [ ] who had the inside very much to heart used to swear by spinach at the evening repast, eaten very hot. The whole secret lay in that.
   I wish you would see Doctor Sorapure. He is a great lamb and an extremely intelligent one. In fact he is a unique human being. His address is 47, Wimpole Street. His telephone number is 3146 Mayfair.  [To Elizabeth, Countess Russell, 25 April 1922.]