24April 1921

24 April 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

[I wonder whether you might be interested in what a tubercular patient has noticed...]

Depression. When I am attacked by acute feelings of depression I find it a great help to change my position. If I am in bed I move, get an extra pillow, sit up if Im lying down, or lie down if Im sitting up. If I am not in bed I move gently about the room. The change of position seems to relieve a feeling of congestion, and that peculiar feeling that one is being smothered. 

(I wonder if healthy people realise the effect of a change position on the patients mind. I mean now, the difference it makes to change the ‘site’ of a bed, to make the patient face another way, or escape the pattern of the wallpaper. It is extraordinarily refreshing.)    

[To Victor Sorapure in Collected Letters, ? mid-May.]