24 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Last Sunday Charlotte [Chaddie Waterlow] came to tea with me. She looked so like Granny, white kid gloves, faint violet perfume and all. She is going on to Switzerland to "fetch Elizabeth home" in a week or so. Those two are most devoted sisters. Charlotte, in fact, is quite fierce in her loyalty. I cannot quite imagine what Charlotte does with her life. She sees very little of her family. She seems to have no interests, if one excepts an exquisite small house. And just as Granny clung to Bertha, so she clings to her maid, Mary. But her life has been rather a broken one, I fancy.
I see that Hutchinson has sold 140,000 copies of "This Freedom". Very comfortable for him. I read it out of curiosity. But it seemed to me no end of a wallow.
If the Mother's knee is absolutely essential, how did it happen that Anne, who was brought up on it, came to grief and committed suicide? No one could have had a more unlimited range of it than she had. Indeed, she was pure knee according to the book. What a bother! Also, I go so tired of that perfect man saying "Mice and Mumps" that I had no sympathy left for him. Its easy to understand his popularity, though. I shouldn't mind a little of it if I could get it by honourable means!  [To Harold Beauchamp, 27 September 1922.]