24 Mar

24 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

I have written to Father about this because I must have my £300 a year for life certain. And I must work no end but I am very very happy - and if all is well between us, my own, we shall have our wonderful life: it will be far more wonderful than we imagined. Oh, how I long for it! Here, I could not be more exquisitely cared for and loved and spoilt. They are more than sweetness & goodness to me in every way and the maids are the same - & the Doctor is a treasure of kindness BUT I want to [be] alone with you - quite alone with my own Bogey for ever so long - away from everybody. Id like a tiny baby house where just a little boy brought the milk an butter & an old man came selling cream & raspbugs & we sat at the door in the evening & read poetry . . . Thats my heaven: to have you to myself. Nothing less would do. Lets have a month of it - oh do let us. Nobody else, though. I felt in these 2 letters that perhaps you hadnt forgotten after all what we used to be to each other darling and that made me long to have you near . . . Goodbye for now. Tickets are taken for April 27th. After that there are no more seats till the end of May. Ill be back by the 29th 9 p.m. Victoria.
Your own
Wig.  [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]