24 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Dear Mr Gerhardi,
   I had a letter from Mr. Pinker, my agent, today, asking me if I would put him in touch with you. I hastened to send him your address & to say he might mention my name. If you have not already got an agent I'd most cordially recomment Mr Pinker to you.
   What a good notice of Futility in the Lit. Sup! I hope you're having splendid reviews.
             Yours ever
                Katherine Mansfield

Dear Mr Gerhardi,
   l have written to you, since this letter, to the same wrong address. It was a business letter with regard to my agent Mr Pinker. Have you received it?
                 Yours sincerely
                       Katherine Mansfield [To William Gerhardi, late July 1922.]