24 February 1921

24 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

She bent towards a huge creamy magnolia flower & smelled it with that distrait expression with which women smell a cake of soap or a sachet while waiting at the chemist's shop. Back he came really adorned with a wide silver grey hay.

I'm afraid I don't quite know, said the hostess vaguely. He used to ride with my brothers - years ago. I remember he once had an extraordinary accident - well hardly an accident. But they were all dismounting & his foot got jammed in the stirrup. He'd no idea it was caught & he fell off - exactly like the White Knight, & there he lay with one foot in the air . . .

But how too odd for words! said the lady with the fan.

And he doesn't look at all the type those things happen to, mused the pearl lady.  

[KM Notebooks, undated.]