24 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

My dear Ida
   The Flowers arrived in the most perfect condition - so fresh they might have been gathered 1/2 an hour ago. I have made a most exquisite ‘garden' of the moss, little violet roots, anemone roots & crocus blades. Its like a small world. The rest are in a jug. They are surpemely lovely flowers. But please do something for me. I beg you. Tell me (1) where they grew (2) how they grew (3) was there snow near (4) what kind of a day was it (5) were they among other flowers or are they the first? Don't bother about description. I only want fact. In fact if you can send me a kind of weather & ‘aspects' report as near as you can you would earn my deep deep gratitude. By aspects I mean the external face of nature.
   If E. [Ernestine] had anything to do with the gathering mille remerciments. If W had a paw in the matter pull his tail for me.
[To Ida Baker, 24 April 1922.]