23 July

23 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

why ink in an actresses hand? Most unlikely.
pass quite unregarded.
your book isn't re-al poetry.
There was no need for you to trouble...
We know you so well by reputation ...
Young precisians older hands
Once again so pleased about Boston
Agreeing on the subject of Miss Bison.
Niagara in a barrel. Too sudden.
Once a month - too definite.
The letter. He had read it much later - - -
It fascinated him to read it over - -
A flush forced[?] high on her cheek
Glenshwa[?] blushed
I should hate to die ugly.
He would go in and asking for a cup of tea
He had an impulse to put his hand on the gate. But would he have? Why not?
 [KM Notebooks, undated]