23 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Dear Mr Pinker,
   Your letter about Mr Gerhardi only reached me today. I should be delighted if I might be the means of putting you in touch with him. His address is 40 Bradford Street, Bolton. Please mention my name, if you care to do so, in writing to him. I thought Futility a very remarkable first novel & highly promising considering the youthfulness of the author. Much better in fact than a great many ‘assured successes'.
   I am finishing my twelve stories for Shorter. They have turned into a kind of short novel. I hope to send you the typescript in a fortnights time. Perhaps some American magazine would not consider it too long.
   In the matter of that short story <At the> Her First Ball for the American Anthology. I am quite willing to let them reprint it.
   Many thanks for disposing of The Fly for me in America.
              Yours very sincerely
                    Katherine Mansfield.  [To Eric Pinker, c.24 July 1922.]