23 August

23 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

My precious Marie

I am up today and lying on the sofa in my room. Its such a joy to feel dry land under one's feet once more instead of the heaving bed.
Have you ever known anything to equal this weather? It is winter in Hampstead - a pale red sun, deep misty mornings and china asters in the vases. I think this is the final summer England will ever have. Its been just a lick and a promise. Next year it will be a promise only. Why not bow down to it & all dress in rabbit skins and not attempt anything less substantial than long sleeves and high necks. The gooseberries at Woodhay and the raspberries and the beautiful springing bunches of sweet peas & those lovely lilies in the corner were (in spite of the rain) my real summer this year.
We have taken tickets for September 7th subject to my teeth, feet etc. And I have really rented Jinnies small villa the Isola Bella which she is having made ready - The darling woman came in the other day & we had a pow-wow about our plans. I hope to be able to help her about things until she can get out there - give an eye to her villa & its arrangements. [. . .] [Letter to Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins in Collected Letters, 23 August 1920]