23 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

  But how are you? Are you enjoying London? I don't know why I rejoice so to hear of Bertie's happiness and his wife's dimple.? But I do. The dimple is very important. No wife ought to be without one. But she sounds so pretty. I love bright eyes. How satisfying it is to write about pretty creatures. Your Lucy was so lovely, her slender legs as she lay asleep by the fire - her long lashes.
   Are you working? I won't ask you what you are reading. Do you sometimes get tired of books - but terribly tired of them. Away with them all! It being a cold night, lately, John and I slept together and there we lay chaste in one bed, each with an immense Tome of Eckermann's Conversations with Goethe perched on our several chests. And when my side of the bed began to shake up and down
J: "What in God's name are you laughing at?"
K: "Goethe is so very very funny!"
But it hadn't ‘struck' John.   [To Elizabeth, Countess Russell, 23 April 1922.]