22 Mar

22 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Oh, how PURE artists are - how clean and faithful. Think of Tchekov & even Johnny's talk and Anne's laughing, generous way - so remote from all this corruption. Dearest love, let us remain chaste & youthful with our work & our life & our poetry. Even Chaddie and Jeanne wont do, you know. One can't afford to mix with people. One must keep clear of all the worldly world. And we can do it. I feel our happiness will be simply without end when we are together again. But now that I am turned towards home I am impatient to be there. I want to make 2 P.V. perfect in its way & Ill ship out of it what we want for Broomies. But Broomies will be exquisite, too. No doubt about that.
Im deaf today - with booming noises in my head. Almost idiotic with it. It must be a slight chill. So please forgive a silly letter in answer to your two darling ones. Won't Wing love the new house. He shall go down in a bastick.
Goodbye for now dearest own. Ill try & bring the trays. I want us to have them. One thing I have got here is a present of a dressing table set of pots and so on which is the loveliest thing of its kind I have ever seen. Do you like your pen tray? I have bought 2 more for writing tables. PLEASE SAY.
Du reste je t'aime de tout mon coeur - je suis pour toujours - toujours - mon bien-aimé.
Your Broomy I.
Broomy regina.  [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters, c.23 March 1920]