22 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

I went for such a lovely drive today behind a very intelligent horse who listened to every word the driver and I said and heartily agreed. One could tell from his ears that he was even extremely interested in the conversation. They are thinning the vines for the last time before harvest. One can almost smell the grapes. And in the orchards apples are reddening, it is going to be a wonderful year for pears. But one could write about the drive for as many pages as there are in Ulysses.
   It is late. I must go to bed. Now the train going to Italy has flashed past. Now it is silent again except for the old toad who goes ka-ka – ka-ka – laying down the law.
   Goodnight. [To S.S.Koteliansky, 17 July 1922.]