22 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

But this is a bad black month, darling. There is a new moon on the 27th. Look at it & wish. I will look at it & wish for you. I feel so in your mood - listless, tired, my energy flares up & won't last. Im a wood fire. However, I swear to finish my big story by the end of this month. Its queer when I am in this mood I always write as though I am laughing. I feel it running along the pages. If only the reader could see the snail in its shell with the black pen! Don't work too hard just now. Let things be. Let things grow in the quiet. Think of your mind as a winter garden - growing underneath, you know with all the lovely shapes & colours of thrice blessed longed for spring. I think it is good sometimes just to let things be. But what does one do on those occasions? I can think of all kinds of plans but they need you near. Tell me about your little house. A queer strange feeling that I cannot explain away tells me I shall see it & know it & stay there once. One is shy of saying these things for some reason. But I feel there is a possibility of a much deeper relationship between us than ever we dream of I feel a bit like a man about you. I mean by that Id like to make you feel loved. There is something I don't like in most of the men you know (I mean those that I know too ). They lack delicacy and perception and they do not give. Except of course Koteliansky & Tomlinson, both beautiful men. But I would like to try & make you happy, my dear - make you feel cherished. I wonder if you know what I mean. We grow in the bosoms of others, we rest there; it is good sometimes to feel carried.
[To Dorothy Brett, 21 January 1922.]