22 August

22 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Are we to meet again soon? I have been thinking of you both so much today. We loved the evening when you came; Mr Trench is delightful.
My private feeling is that the last story in the paper - which reminded me of nothing so much as a galosh or an unclaimed umbrella has disgusted you both. It's useless to pretend I can control what stories we do print. I can up to a certain point (that, of course, makes it ridiculous) but after that Murry says I am "too precious in my taste". However, I shall go on until I do. I have been out today for a little walk on the Heath. It was so wonderful to feel the summer wind.
I hope you are happy. Be happy. Thats my great constant wish for you. You are the people to whom happiness should come - I love you both.
K.M. [Letter to Sydney and Violet Schiff in Collected Letters]