21 May 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Ida
   You are waiting to hear from me about the various arrangements, are you? I will try & reply. But if I leave anything unsaid you must just use your discretion. I am so busy.
   Yes, leave E. the revolver - unloaded! No, we don't want the fur rug. It would be a good thing to have the rug case up there at the hotel. Yes, please leave the iron there. The address for the boxes is Pope's Furniture.
   I think that is all. How soon are you coming? Have you heard from Mrs M? We heard this from her yesterday. It doesn't sound v. satisfactory. I mean I am afraid she is taking her time.
   So sorry to write at such haste. Many thanks for your letter. Jack who is reading off this cant understand a word. I suppose you can't either. Stand on your head & try it through a looking glass . . . I think that is all. I can't think.
   Goodbye for now. The little house must be v. spick & span. I expect it will be horrid to leave it.
                         Yours ever
                               K.M. [To Ida Baker, 18 May 1922.]