21 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

I do not go all the way with Lawrence. His ideas of sex mean nothing to me. But I feel nearer L. than anyone else. All these last months I have thought as he does about many things. Does this sound nonsense to you? Laugh at me if you like or scold me. But remember what a disadvantage it is having to write such things. If we were talking one could say it all in a few words. It is so hard not to dress ones ideas up in their Sunday clothes and make them look all stiff and shining in a letter. My ideas look awful in their best dresses.
   (Now I have made myself a glass of tea. Every time I drop a piece of lemon into a glass of tea I say ‘Koteliansky'. Perhaps it is a kind of grace.) [To S.S.Koteliansky, 17 July 1922.]