21 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Warning. Pages ALL wrong.
Darling Brettushka,
   The jumper has jumped & the ribbons fluttered over today. And I can't thank you. It seems feeble just to thank a person for such loveliness. I rejoice in the garment & the exquisite colours beyond words but that is not all. Its your thought in sending them which makes them so precious. I dont see how I am going to keep up with your lovely ways. I shall lag behind & admire. Thank you from my heart. Isn't the jumper an exquisite creature. When I go to Paris I shall wear it to carry you with me in the interview with Manouhkin. It will be my mascot. As for the ribbons. My brother's greenstone looks exquisite hung from one or other of them. If I had been the child of a conjuror I should have eaten ribbons instead of producing them from my hat.
I cant get off to Paris just yet for I am still in bed. Six weeks today with one days interval. I cant shake off this congestion and ALL the machinery is out of order. Food is a horror. But I won't go into it. I feel most frightfully inclined to hold your hand, too, & just let this month & February & March stream by like a movie picture. Then let it be April and all this dark and cold over. Huge fringes of icicles hang from the windows. I know one thing. I must never stay up here for another winter. Evan had a heart of brass. That is why he could stand it. We talked it over together over chops and cabbage in a Pullman one night when he'd just got back. 
[To Dorothy Brett, 21 January 1922.]