20 Mar

20 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Sullivans a wicked liar. I never said more than two years. Kill him & pay no attention to his dead groans. Oh you are working too hard much too hard far too hard & its still five weeks before I am home. I am so impatient now. I want to be there with you. Its High Time you were looked after and not by substitutes but by your own Heronia. Can you keep going till April 29th. Then you must just throw everything at me. Once you get your cottage it will be better.

Come up here o dusty feet
Here is faery bread to eat
Here in this enchanted room
Children you may dine
On the - - - of broom
And the smell of pine.

I forget it & its not good but it rings in my ears - faëry bread - I feel you ought to be nourished on it - and you ought to push under your plate all the horrid old city winter crusts. Precious love, at a wave a week my slow boat has five waves to get over.
Im waiting for Ida to come for my reviews and a telegram for you. Im furious about Marie D. For Heaven's sake tell her you are too busy. Shes attached fast to the horrid Trinders. Shell never be allowed to sink. Why should you have to worry about her. I am so angry with Chaddie that I feel inclined to throw my inkpot from here to Wooden Hay.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]