20 March 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

My dear Vera,
   Yes, I was sorry, too, that we did not meet. It was a very close shave. For I wrote that Id be in Paris in a fortnight - not a week - and at that time my X rays were not having any horrid effects. We might have seen each other and rediscovered each other. But it was not to be! I feel its a toss up whether we shall ever meet now; I am such an impermanent movable and so are you. And theres always the very good chance of a person with consumption moving off for a grim journey where she certainly wouldn't wish to be followed. But I mustn't freeze your blood, my dear, by talking about such subjects.
   Dear Marie and little J - they are a remarkable little pair, aren't they. I wonder why they don't adopt a baby each? Do you think that would interfere with their chances of matrimony? Well - not Jeanne - but Marie. A baby would be far greater fun than Kuri and Im sure if she taught one young enough she would feel it was her own. Short of marriage lm sure to be a mother is the happiest life for women who have not a profession. Perhaps Id better say a foster mother in case my Canadian sister thinks Im approving of immorality. [To Vera Beauchamp Bell, 20 March 1922.]