20 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

I send you back £l note. Would you buy me a pot of face cream - a food for the skin - you know what this climate does. With the rest buy your Mrs S. a little something for herself from of course yourself I expect you won't feel you have the money for presents. Do this, please.
I hope Henley is not too dreadful. It always sounded to me a very very `Swiss' idea. Dont you think it rather a mistake to take so many peoples advice - to listen to so many people AND to discuss your private affairs with everybody? I mean why must the whole of Montana have known what you intended to do - servants and all? That seems to me very dreadful. If ever you discuss my future plans, Miss, I shall deny them absolutely and at once. But please dont do it. Refrain from telling all & sundry what WE intend to do. I cant bear it! To hear Ernestine discussing you and your `thee raom' & her fear it would be trop cherl . . .I know you long for intimacy with people but intimacy isn't giving them the right to interfere. These are only my personal views, of course. I don't mean them to sound arbitrary. Im afraid they do - Im sorry.  [To Ida Baker, 16 June 1922.]