20 February 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Ida
   I had a letter from you today written on Monday. I hope you have heard from me by now. The keys were sent off at long last today, I had to send them all as I didn't know which was which. What horrible weather you are having. Here it is fine and not fine - dull, silvery, not bad. .
   About the chauffage. Isn't it best to use electricity during the morning & part afternoon & to heat the chalet as from about 4 oclock onwards through the night. I can't help feeling it would be cheaper and of course you must get in more coal, and keep not too big a fire. Warm you must be.
   Would you post Jacks M.S.S. in a registered envelope? What a man he is! The extraordinary thing is there will always be someone to find these things for him & to look after him. He is born like that. Many men are and many women are not.
   Mrs Maxwell has sent more bills to pay i.e. for rates, taxes, servage and so on. I have never in my life heard of tenants who take a furnished house paying these things. I think her bills are a try on. I shall copy out the card she sent and ask you to take it to your friend Mr Nantermot and ask him if it is the custom for these things to be paid by us or by her. Make him say it is her job, but please be sure to tell me as we must write to the old lady.
   The blue frock has been excavated. I have it on. Its a comfort to have it but I feel a bumpkin all the same.  [To Ida Baker, 21 February 1922.]