20 August 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dear Richard,
   If you do come up from Brighton it will be my ‘shout'. Then when you are richangreat you can take me to Brighton to pay back.
   If it won't disturb your holiday too much it would be a very great pleasure to see you. Jack is here, too. We came over together.
   Supposing we wait for you here on Friday. Then we can go off & have lunch together. But I think it would be more satisfactory to meet & have a smoke & talk here first. Its less disturbing than public grottos.
   I have just seen Charlie in The Kid. How old fashioned that must sound to you - as though Id seen my first airyplane. He is a marvellous artist. Its a pity he is tied to the public, even the little he is. I mean its a pity he considers them at all. 
   Until we meet
If Friday doesn't suit you suggest a day that does & I'll keep it free. [To Richard Murry, c.20 August 1922.]