20 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Ida
   I was v. glad to hear from you today. I had begun to wonder how things were going. When you write again tell me - will you? about money. What is the situation.
   We have had awful weather lately, with the exception of Vendredi Saint. I have not been well for the past ten days as a result, I expect, and work has accumulated to such an extent that Im afraid Im no good as an advisor to you about your T House. If not Brighton, I'd try Eastbourne long before Sheringham (which is a most horrid place). But I have heard of a place called Frinton, very chic - Winston Churchills, Gladys Cooper, Sir Gerald du Maurier & Dora Morley and family. I know nothing more about it but I should imagine it would be more your affair.
   About a name. I don't think the title is at all a good idea. People with ozone appetites don't care a button if its Lady Diana Marmers or plain Jane who satisfies them. In any case I doubt if it ever pays to pander to snobs. [To Ida Baker, 19 April 1922.]