2 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dearest Ottoline,
   I simply haven't known what to answer for it has been as difficult for me to reach 11 Oxford Square as for you to come to horrid Hampstead. Apart from seeing Father last week, I had to rest. I've been deadly tired. Its a bore. I cannot walk more than a few yards yet and ‘getting about' is a great difficulty. How fantastic is seems! The second time you asked me I had an appointment with my X ray man and it took hours of what they are pleased to call overhauling. I am to start the new series of this treatment this week.
   Variations on an ancient theme. I seem to write to you of nothing else. And I feel you must think me perfectly horrid!
   Yet the fact is I long to see you and if [you] can still bear the thought of me I will come any time you propose (except Tuesday afternoon). I ought to have answered your letter immediately! Why didn't I? I felt I COULD not refuse again.
   Do let me come if you can! I hate to appear so odious. But my beastly half-health gets in the way of all I want most to do.
   I wish I knew how you are. If we did meet I feel I should like to talk for ever.
                Yours (in spite of my badness) ever devotedly.
                       Katherine. [To Ottoline Morrell, 3 September 1922.]