2 Mar

2 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Have my letters arrived? I've written every day & I have sent a review of Pilgrims of Circumstance & Jewish Children. This week Im awfully badly off for books. Couldn't I have Rebecca Wests novel The Judge & The Woman Called Smith by Vember Heinemann &- some others? Its fearfully difficult to review things which ought not to have long reviews.
About the Constable excisions in je ne p. p it depends what they ask - doesn't it? I want to cut a small bit out of Prelude but that I can do in proof. Bogey, are you going to review my Story in the Athenaeum? Every week - I look - and dont see it. Your book was reviewed so I suppose its not a question of the staff at any rate it wouldn't be for I dont sign. But if youd rather let it alone - alright darling.
Your Blunden man - oh what a curse. He doesn't really thrill me yet. I cant ‘get away with it' - it seems to me the first poem [is] overweighted - overheavy. But I KNOW I am not fair & I understand what he must be to you & all success to him! If anyone sent a poem from N.Z. from my school that had even one happy line - But that is not your first interest in him, of course. Boge, do remember to be sober in your praise - temperate. You remember how little fired us when we were young & to be over generous is dangerous. You of course would shower love on anyone whom you thought was walking the right path - and I love you for it and yet - I know one must hold back a bit.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]