2 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

When you say you passed Christmas quietly - I see you positively gliding by. We had a real suet pudding, blaging [sic] in brandy and even a tree. Jack said he hated trees. But when it came he liked it fearfully. They are curiously beautiful things and this little one, with its burning candles, birds with glass tails, coloured stars, spiderwebs with liqueur chocolate spiders in ‘em and presents was a little gem. We are keeping all the decorations for another time, when I hope you will see them, too. After the tree we had snapdragon & then played Beat your Neighbour Out of Doors & Old Maid. It's a good thing this only happens once a year. . .
   I think I know that Flower Piece by Van Gogh. Yellow flowers, aren't they, full of life. I noted the Degas show was coming. I hope it's a good one. Tell us more about the pastels WHEN you are in the mood.
  I am in the middle of a long story & cant see the end. It will be a very little, small novel if it doesn't stop soon. It is called The Doves Nest. I have been in a black mood about my work lately but some furious reading has pulled me out of the hole, I think. Furious reading consisted of (1) Shakespeare (2) Cosmic Anatomy (3) The Bible.
   Its late, dear Richard. I must spare my candle, draw the curtains against the wolves, & go to sleep. Please give my love to Mother. May we meet again before this year is over!
               With warm love from
                      Katherine.  [To Richard Murry, 1 January 1922.]